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7 Sustainable Jeans For Those Who Hate Jeans

sustainable jeans stretch denim

Alot of my jeans don’t fit right now, as per photographic evidence. I have always been a 31 waist but it seems that’s not the case recently. And it has sucked to come to terms with it.

It is WAYY too easy to get pulled back into the routine of self hatred and dieting to solve issues of not fitting into our clothes.

But maybe we can take the more challenging & rewarding route. Going against the grain towards self acceptance and buying bigger clothes!! Going up in size is scary, I know. But what are we scared of exactly? Be associated with a number we don’t deem ourselves to be the “true” version of us? It seems a bit silly to give so much time to a number when we are given 86,400 seconds a day to do whatever we want!  

Because a lot of my clothes don’t fit, I don’t feel excited to go out in my body. But then there are also moments where I feel SO GOOD in my skin because the clothes I chose that day are stretchy, comfy, and brands that I align with.  Jeans are an absolute nightmare, but they also act as such a staple for day-to-day outfits and I don’t think I should have to avoid them to enjoy life. ⁣

sustainable jeans stretch denimsustainable jeans stretch denim

I have spent a good 4 hours searching…

…through so many brands to find you the most sustainable, stretchy, welcoming jeans to enter your closet. Sustainable jeans are expensive. Let’s get that out there. The amount of work that goes into making a pair of jeans is a lot, and supporting the human that made that pair of jeans is crucial. So bookmark your favourite pair and start saving! It will feel amazing and worth it I promise.

** ALSO FUN FACT: if you find yourself a pair of jeans that you adore, buy two pairs but in different sizes. That way you can still wear your favourite pair of jeans on your more bloated of days and continue to perform life to your fullest (literally).

7 Sustainable Jeans For Those Who Hate Jeans 

1. The Curvy Way-High Jean by Everlane

sustainable denim jeans curve

🌱98% Organic Cotton 2% Elastane

🌱Features a two-piece contour waistband (it contains no stretch so we recommend sizing up for more ease) that accentuates your true waist and a sculpting straight leg, which fits around every curve of your body for a bouncy and lifted look. 

🌱Curvy Fit

🌱 Sizes 23 – 35

🌱 Comes in 4 colourways

Shop @Everlane


2. Superwide-Leg Jeans in Lafontaine Wash by Madewell

sustainable denim jeans curve

🌱 100% Cotton

🌱 More rigid fit, size up if needed

🌱 Comes in Petite and Standard Length

🌱 Sizes 23 – 34

Shop @Madewell


3. Tyler Straight Crop in Blue Mist by ETICA

sustainable denim jeans curve

🌱100% Organic Cotton, grown without water waste, harmful chemicals or GMO seeds.

🌱 Made in Mexico 

🌱 High-Rise

🌱 Sizes 24-32

Shop @Revolve
Shop @Etica


4. Midweight Denim Loose Straight by DU/ER

sustainable denim jeans curve

 🌱 Maximum stretch

🌱 70% Cotton; 28% Coolmax® All Season Polyester; 2% LYCRA® Spandex

🌱 Size down if you prefer the pant to sit snugger through the hip and higher on the waist.

🌱 Sizes 24 – 34

Shop @ DU/ER


5. Riley High Rise Straight Crop (Stretch) by AGOLDE

🌱 59% organic cotton, 40% rayon, 1% elastane

🌱 Made in Turkey

🌱 Comes in 14 colourways

🌱 Comfort stretch denim, looks vintage but offers just the right amount of stretch

🌱 Sizes 22 – 34

Shop @ Revolve
Shop @ Artizia


6. Warp + Weft NCE Oneder Wide Leg

sustainable denim jeans curve

🌱 ONEDER is a soft, smooth denim that wears like an ultra-light second skin that supports and shapes you without ever being uncomfortable. 

🌱 99.5% Cotton, 0.5% Elastane

🌱 They own their own manufacturing process from fiber to finished garment.

🌱 Sizes 24-32

Shop @Warp+Weft


7. Malia Relaxed Jeans by Yoga Jeans

sustainable denim jeans curve

🌱These super high-waisted jeans in WHITE offer a lightweight feel, a wide elastic waistband with a button closure for an ultra-comfortable fit

🌱 100% Cotton denim. 

🌱 Our relaxed silhouette is inspired by girlfriend jeans with a looser fit throughout the leg for a perfectly laid-back look.

🌱 This style runs a little big. They suggest taking 1 size down from your original size. 

🌱 Sizes 24 – 34

Shop @Yoga Jeans


Know of any perfect jeans you think I would love? DM me or comment below!!

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