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A Bed Time Routine with Saje Natural Wellness + A Giveaway!

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Sleep is incredibly important to our health. The last few weeks the quality of my sleep has dramatically declined. What used to be 7-8 hours of sleep has somehow gone down to about 4-6 hours per day, leaving me exhausted and grumpy by 2PM. I love my sleep and I really want to do everything I can to get back to the most optimal routine for my body. Saje Natural Wellness has been a household brand in my life for YEARS. I remember how frequently I used to use Saje products, especially the roll-ons. Lately however, my self-care has been on the back burner and I have totally forgotten about the magic of natural essential oils and their immense influence on our state of mind.

I am so grateful to test out Saje Natural Wellness  Good Cheer Diffuser Blend as well as their Dream Routine Bed Time Ritual Kit! I hope the review gives you an idea of how you may want to upgrade your sleep experience.

Diffuser Blend Collection | Good Cheer

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Although technically we are past the festive season, I think January is still a great time to continue to smell winter around us. The Good Cheer Festive Diffuser Blend Collection contains five diffuser blends: Ginger Snap, Sugar Plum Fairy, Peppermint Twist, Cabin Cozy, & Deep Forest. These are drops you put in your diffuser so you can set your surroundings to the right mood. These scents are 40% off at the moment so check them out before they sell out!!

ginger snap

Hints of: ginger, cinnamon, clove

Best for: cozy nights on the couch or feeling under the weather

Fun fact: smelling ginger is great for nausea, especially during pregnancy

sugar plum fairy

Hints of: tangerine, balsam, cinnamon

Best for: Watching a rom-com or when you shower/wash your face.

Fun fact: tangerine is great for uplifting your mood and reducing stress

peppermist twist

Hints of: peppermint, orange peel, balsam

Best for: Waking up or taking a spa-like bath

Fun fact: smelling peppermint helps reduce pain and increase mental function

** sold out but click here for an alternative

cabin cozy

Hints of: cedar, ho wood, black pepper, clove, cardamom

Best for: watching the snow fall or meditating

Fun fact: cedar scents are great for anxiety and calming

** sold out but click here for an alternative

deep forest

Hints of: pine, orange peel, balsam fir, douglas fir, western hemlock

Best for: Staying in touch with nature on a rainy day or when reading.

Fun fact: tangerine is great for uplifting your mood and reducing stress

** Note the Good Cheer Box is sold out, but you can get some of these individual scents at 40% right now!

Verdict: My favourite would have to be Deep Forest. I am Earth sign and anything that brings me close with nature is the best way for me to improve my mental health! But I will be using all of the scents on rotation for sure!

The Bedtime Ritual Kit

saje natural wellness body mist kit

Okay, what an amazing way to kick start your bedtime routine and get yourself away from your phone! The Saje Natural Wellness Dream Routine helps actively engage yourself in your sleep routine. I think this shows a huge amount of self-love so you will be feeling the dopamine hit no doubt. I really struggle to turn off my brain before bed, especially as an influencer where my screen time is beyond excessive, and so I am excited to continue to use this kit each day to get my mind and body ready to sleep.

Relaxing Mist | Lavender

saje natural wellness body mist lavender

Pillow mists are my jam! Dropping your head to a lavender-scented pillow is not a bad way to end your day (and start it!) Not only can the Saje Natural Wellness Relaxing Mist be used on your pillow, but it is a great face refresher and body scent. I just sprayed this as I am currently writing and it truly has such a fresh and inviting scent. Lavender is great for mindfulness, so this would be a nice spray to have before your evening yoga and/or meditation.

Bed Time Body Butter | Dreamy (or Sleep Well)

saje natural wellness body butter

I have actually used the Saje Natural Wellness Body Butters before I can attest, it’s truly is dreamy! Hydrating your skin at night is a purposeful way to spend time taking care of yourself and is a way to self-soothe. You actively have to use your hands to do this so it is hard to be distracted, leaving you present as you massage the butter on. This body butter contains valerian root, lavender, and shea butter. This plus some silky pyjamas and hubba hubba!

Restful Roll-On | Sleep Well

The Saje Natural Wellness Roll-On’s have been my go-to product since day one. They fit perfectly in your purse, are easy to apply throughout the day, and bring a holistic form of self-care instead of always relying on products such as  advil or tylenol. Sometimes scents can really improve our days and bring ease to many symptoms like nausea, headaches, and digestion issues.

The Sleep Well scent is perfect for bedtime as it features chamomile, valerian root, and lavender. The roll-on in this kit is in a mini size but you can buy the full size here.

Silky Eye Mask

Including in the kit is an earthy green Saje eye mask. It features a super silky feeling and adjustable straps, so you can fit it perfectly to your head size. You actually can’t get this mask without buying the kit!

GIVEAWAY! One reader will win the Dream Routine Kit!


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Goodluck!!!! 🍀

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16 thoughts on “A Bed Time Routine with Saje Natural Wellness + A Giveaway!

  1. My current bedtime routine is: dark room, white noise machine, curtains closed, humidifier, essential oils as needed. 🙂

  2. I should start with running the diffuser followed by taking up reading and a pillow mist to help me sleep better

    1. My current night time routine is a northern lights projector on my ceiling with a watm cup of tea and brown noise playing in the back❤️

  3. As a healthcare worker, having a relaxing bedtime routine is everything and something i really look forward to doing. currently i will do my skin care routine, make a cup of tea, read or journal for 15 mins!

  4. Ive been a sage lover for a couple of years now…im a PEPPERMINT girl myself! That body butter will 100% be My next proDuct to try! Looks so Luxurious.
    My routine (the one im building at least) is Lavender oil in the Diffuser, mediTation before Bed, and JOURNALING!