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A Day In The Life Of An “Influencer”

day in the life morning

Rise and shine!

Today I wanted to take you through a day in the life of….. well ME!

To start off any day, I will spend about 30 minutes snoozing 7 different alarms. A few on my FitBit, one on my Philips Sunrise Alarm Clock, and the rest on my phone (which is charging outside of my room as a way to control my doom scrolling at night).

I go to turn off my phone alarm and every single time, I take my phone back to my bed and close my eyes once again.

Finally, once I have accepted that I must indeed get up, I grab my phone and scroll. I have REALLY tried to make it a habit to do anything else but look at my phone first thing…. but let’s be honest, I am addicted. Some mornings I will successfully go straight to the Calm App and start the day with a quick 10-minute meditation. Other days, I spend an extra hour in bed and then become washed over with immense guilt of feeling “behind” and “unproductive”.

So off to a great start!

Oddly, the one task I am very successful at is making my bed. My mom probably just fell over reading this. I feel like making my bed is an analogy for my life. Let’s just cover a blanket over everything underneath and now you can’t see the mess.

morning routine day

The next thing I do is take my Vitex (ie. Chasteberry) which has become part of my routine since coming off the pill after being on it for 10 years. Right now, my periods are a bit out of order, as my last one came after 7 weeks of waiting! Chasteberry helps regulate the menstrual cycle with long-term use. I am at about the 4 months mark and they say to take if for 6 months to see results. I am happy to answer more questions about Vitex so hmu in my DM’s if you want :). One thing to note is that Vitex has to be taken an hour before/after any food or medication so I like to start the day with it on an empty stomach.

Next I will drink water, or hot water and lemon if I am feeling more adult that day. My friend who is a nutritionist told me that lemon water actually helps line your stomach and ease eating meals. I can state that it definitely works!

My breakfast is the same as always. 1/2 C Quinoa (precooked), 3 tbsp hemp seeds, 1.5 tbsp chia seeds, a tsp of MCT oil, pumpkin seeds, Elmhurst Almond Milk, an apple, and Natural Peanut Butter. I also throw in chocolate chips sometime but the lactose is a bit of an issue.

*its good to note that I make sure my dairy-free milk options do not contains oils or any other weird fillers. Elmhurst is expensive, but it is the only one I have found to be just water and nuts!

I use to eat my breakfast with oats, but then I found out I was allergic (cry) so the next best option was quinoa. It was an odd switch at first but now I have no problem with it!

Because it is Tuesday,

after breakfast I get prepared for a content shoot day! Tuesdays are where I try to batch shoot all my content to save time. I will start some laundry, quickly check over my emails, vacuum the apartment, have a quick shower, and then apply some light makeup.

My go-to make up essentials for a quick natural look is:

  • Foundation: Clinique Even Better SPF 15
  • Bronzer or Blush: NARS but once I finish it I am switching to something else as they are not cruelty-free (suggestions welcome!)
  • Eyebrows: Benefit Cosmetics (another brand I will need to switch from as not cruelty-free either I just discovered!
  • Eyelash Curler

I have also decided that having a spray tan is a mood enhancer and will now be considered a mental health expense hehehe.

day photoshoot

Once I am ready to shoot,

I will go review the content plan I likely created the night before. This is a little note document where I have saved some pictures for inspiration, as well as, the message I am trying to get across. In terms of content, I have being trying to go back to my basics and creating images & videos that make me happy, rather than hopping on to trends. I found my depression was too much to handle when I tried pretending to be something I am not, in order to keep up with a silly algorithm.

For my shoot, I use a combination of my soft box light, tripod, my mirrorless camera, my iPhone 12, and a ring light. ( I really want to upgrade to that new iPhone though, that smooth video shooting feature looks unreal!!!)

When shooting, I often will put on a playlist titled something like “Model Walk Songs” or “Photoshoot Hype” to get in to a photography vibe. Fake it til’ you make it as they say.

Around noon is when

I am hopefully finished shooting and I will take a break to check my laundry, maybe have a snack, take my anti-depressants, and have my Greens Powder.  I then will sit down at my desk to check for any time-sensitive emails before starting to write this week’s blog (which is essentially what I am doing right this moment hello!)

I love writing. I do dream of writing a book one day but because that seems like such an imposter syndrome route at the moment, this blog feels like a safe place. I love to write about a wide range of topics that I feel I have experience in. I sometimes find it difficult to have a blog ready every week (you’ll notice about two weeks have gone by since the last one) but I try my best and it’s not perfect, which kind of makes it perfect for me 🙂

Once I think I have a good outline of my blog done, I will take a break to eat lunch and then download the photos off my camera from the shoot this morning. I will take the photos that I plan to share the following day and edit them through Lightroom. Editing photos is one of my flow tasks. I could edit for HOURS if I wanted to. I get lost in the minor editing details and love to play with the highlights, contrast, colours, luminance, etc. to produce a beautiful photo. I mostly edit on my phone as I find the photo edits done on my computer look different once I airdrop it to my phone.

I will upload my finished draft to Instagram and then try to write out a caption. While writing is also one of my flow tasks, it is a bit tricksy as the words come to me at the most inconvenient times. Showering, in the midst of a conversation at work, driving, or meditation, I always feel in a rush to quickly open my notes app and jot the ideas flying through my head. But I can’t force myself to write. It never works.

poshmark routine day

By now its probably around 3 or 4 pm,

and I know this is when I need to take a screen break. I will either go outside for a power walk, a run, or head down to my building’s gym. Exercising is key in helping me manage my anxiety disorder, as well as, give me an added sense of accomplishment for the day. But I will not force myself to work out if I don’t feel up to it. I have done that for too many years of my life. I sometimes also use the time to clean, read a book, or go through my clothes that I want to add to Poshmark later on. Or even make a more fancy dinner.

As the sun sets and the evening begins, I will go back to my desk and finish my blog. I will then add any final touches to my Instagram post that I plan to have live the following day. I will finish the caption, add hashtags, insert it into LineBreak (to add spaces) and save it to drafts. I also love to take the photos I create and use an app like Tezza or Mosaic to create an aesthetic story that I will post as well.

day evening routine books

Right now, most my evenings are

spent on the computer looking through Facebook Marketplace for cool apartment finds, watching Yellowstone or Sanditon, or window-shop online products that I cannot afford but love to just look at. As a result, my screen-time is horrible and the reminders are even worse.

Once it is close to bed-time, I like to appreciate the fact that I made my bed and notice comfy it looks to return to it. I will try really really hard not to bring my laptop or phone to bed but again let’s be real here, it happens. On a good day, I will plug my phone into the charger outside my room, leave my computer on my desk, and open one of the books I am reading. Right now I am working between two books: ACOTAR Book 4 and Loving Bravely by Alexandra Soloman.

SO there you go!

This was day-in-the-life of me, Christine! If you liked this post or have any questions please comment below!

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