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The 8 Best Australian Sustainable Brands of 2022.


But you are Canadian, why Australia?

What a great question!

Well it is no shock to anyone that this blog post features sustainable brands. But when picking brands I support, it isn’t just because the brands are sustainable, it is also because these brands create products that push us forward in our creativity, style, and sense of self. The one criticism I have of Australian brands, is that many of them are not size inclusive. I hope to see this change in the near future!

As the world can no longer ignore that climate change is real, there are many options to buy sustainably closer to you. By all means, shopping local is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint. However, there is something about Australia that I have been drawn to for years now, and fashion is definitely part of it. When you scroll down below, you will understand my obsession. Their products often give off a flowy, ethereal, graceful vibe, that make me feel connected to nature. (also they are usually very comfortable!)


First off, the Australian dollar is essentially equal to the Canadian Dollar, so there will be no surprise exchange rates showing up later on your credit card. Sometimes there will be duties, but I have only had about 30% of my orders from down under come with this added cost.

Secondly, Australia and Canada are on opposite seasons! This means that just as Australia’s winter is ending, the Canadian one begins. As seasons change, clothing brands have sales….SO do you see what I mean??

Australia will be having sales on their fall & winter clothing just as we are heading into that very season. WIN WIN!!!!

*If you didn’t know that hack already, let me know in the comments, I am curious if this is well-known or if I am truly a sneaky sneak.

australia sustainable nature flowy

A Quick Review: What Makes A Brand Sustainable?

I think going over this information is always important when making any purchase, especially with how crafty companies have become in their green-washing. What may seem amazing for our environment & fellow humans, might actually just be a cover-up for fast fashion brands to continue to get our money.

Here are a few guiding principles:

1. Do they clearly state on their website their current sustainability practices and how they plan to further their efforts?

Or is it hard to find, vague, or non-existent?

2. Are the materials they use traceable? Certified? Ethical?

Also keep an eye out for situations where they say a product is made of linen,but it ends up being 20% linen and 80% other things. Animal products are a bit more tricky, as leather is essentially more sustainable than vegan plastic, but then you have to think about where the leather comes from. Additionally, wool has recently come under fire as although a sustainable fabric, the way wool is collected can be quite violent, and therefore unethical.

3. Where are their products made? If made overseas, are they transparent on the quality of the facility & the working environment?

Have they personally visited the facility themselves? What do they do to ensure proper protocol?

4. How do they give back?

When brands offer proceeds of your purchase to a cause, or are actively involved in helping at-risk communities, your sustainable purchase is doing more.

australia sustainable brands

My Top 8 Australian Sustainable Brands

After searching for hours, I have created a list below of brands that are Australian, sustainable, and also fit into my fashion sense. I am currently very much into earthy tones, minimal patterns, and loose-fitting. I think loose clothing is going to be our future, and especially when my body fluctuates consistently, I can always rely on these items even on my most bloated of days!

Now you will note, a lot of the items below are made of Linen. What you may not know about this fabric, is that it is a temperature regulating. This is why Linen is often a go-to for bedding. Linen will not only keep you cool in the summer, but also warm in the winter! Now I would not say to wear your linens in three feet of snow, but you can definitely bring them out for a good portion of each season of the year.


I recently became obsessed with Posse, and bought a pair of their wide-leg pants for my friend’s wedding, and well now I live in them (they are the pants in the blog featured picture!). Although no longer on the Posse site, but below are some items that I would buy in a heartbeat.

posse sustainable clothing australian brandsposse sustainable clothing australian brands

Ada Blouse – Honeydew


posse sustainable clothing australian brandsposse sustainable clothing australian brands



2. Bird & Kite

Bird & Kite is a brand I found one day while cruising through my IG explore page. I constnatly come back to their website for inspiration and to see what new items have arrived. ALERT, many of these items I have linked in the pictures below are on SALE!

Latitude Shacket – Black

Charlie Turtle Neck Jumper – Ribbed Knit – Charcoal

bird and kite sweater sustainable australiabird and kite wide-leg pants australia


Evander Pant – Natural

3. Vege Threads

Vege Threads is an Australian brand I only recently discovered. I was on the hunt for a hemp long-sleeve fall/winter shirt, and well here we are. Also how cute are the blue pants?!

vege threads turtleneck australia brandsorganic pants vege threads australia


Organic Gaucho Pant

organic pants vege threads australian australian socks sustainable

Hemp Longsleeve Tee

Sun Socks

4. Rove

Another Australian brand I recently discovered, I know Rove is going to be in my closet sometime very soon. Or maybe I will go visit them in person muahaha ✈️

rove australian sustainable clothingrove australian sustainable clothing

PAUSE Jacket – ochre linen

SUNCHASER Dress – light khaki linen

wide-leg pants linen sustainablerove crop top sustainable australian

SUMMER Pants – clay linen

MOMENT Top – coffee cotton

5. Maurie & Eve

I initially thought M&E was mostly resort and swimwear, but I have been pleasantly surprised! ACT QUICKLY, some of them items below are on sale!!

sustainable sweats australiamaurie & eve australia sustainable

SWEATS – Just sold out 🙁


maurie & eve australia sustainablemaurie and eve sustainable




Although edgy as heck, I would say Unikspace is on the pricier end of this list.

unikspace australian sustainable winter fallunikspace pants sustainable silk australian

Victor Linen Coat Sand

Jonathan Wide Leg Linen Pant Smoke

unikspace sustainable australian

Ling Silk Blouse Olive

7. Good Studios

Just from being on GS’s page for 2 minutes,  I want to wear 6 layers and be all bundled-up in their staples. Everything is so CHIC! I adore how most of their products are made of hemp. Note, this brand is on the pricier end.

australia hemp clothing sustainablegood studios australia hemp sustainable

Hemp Linen Travel Shirt

Hemp Speck Duster Trench

australia good studios hemp sustainablegood studios australia sustainable

Australian Wool Melton Smock Top

Hemp Jersey Mini Tee Dress

8. Jillian Boustred

With responsible wool, comes investments. The Luca Pullover is on my watch-list, because I know it will never go out of style. (it’s also on sale but still $$)

julian boustred australian sustainable woolaustralia sustainable

Luca Pullover

Stacey Knit Jumper

australia pants wide leg

Abby Dress

Oasis Trouser

And so are my top 8! There are SO many more Australian sustainable brands out there, so I will have to do a part 2 when it comes spring!

If you have any questions on whether a brand is sustainable or want me to talk more on a certain subject, please let me know in the comment section below!

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