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The Answer To Thigh Chafing? Maybe it’s Megababe.

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Thick Thighs Saves Lives, But Also Ouchy.


Welcome to my chafing review part 2! Last time, I shared my experience with Knix and their Thigh Saver Short. I loved it, however chaffing happens in many environments. While the short is GREAT for GNOs or day-to-day life in cute outfits, I am a bikini girl and I need chafing support that is essentially invisible.

Since I wear swimsuits every season of the year #canadiangirls, I find there are days where I will be either be running around, walking along the beach, or shooting content. Many hours of doing this means my thighs are constantly producing friction, and therefore, pain. This is the same reason why I always choose loose pants over shorts, dresses, and skirts.

After a day of living life to the fullest, my legs can often be left red & raw.

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Up until now, my solutions have been deodorant, moisturizer, body oil or vaseline to help reduce chafing. None of these have ever really gotten the job done.

Megababe is a name I heard many times in passing, especially in the mid-size and plus-size community, but I never bought it. I thought it was a bit excessive to have a product solely for chafing, thinking I could figure it out without more products in my house. Clearly, I am changing my mind.

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The inspiration behind Megababe.

I LOVE when fellow creators whom are so authentic succeed! Katie Sturino, founder of megababe, is a plus-size creator that couldn’t find the right products to help her body thrive in day-to-day life. She aims to tackle this “taboo” subject of chafing, as larger bodies and thighs that touch are deemed less than. Whether its your legs, boobs, or any other areas of skin-on-skin contact, I am amazed at how many problems Megababe solves. I reached out to Megababe to do a review and they kindly sent me a range of products to try.

Some general FAQ about Megababe!

🌱currently only ships to the US, Canada & Aus only

🌱Vegan & cruelty-free

🌱Clean – free of talc, aluminum, parabens, sulfates, & more.

🌱Offering baking soda free options

🌱smells amazing!

The Thigh Rescue Anti-Friction Stick

Okay sooooo I have to be honest, when I put it on my inner thighs I was shocked. I literally said “WOW” out loud. Much like your classic deodorant, the Thigh Rescue is super easy to apply.

As you can see, I did a little test. And well my thighs just glided on by. It was honestly such a relief. It also helps that is smells really good! The Thigh Rescue features Aloe, Vitamin E, Pomegranate Oil, and Grapeseed Oil, as well as is aluminum-free. The formula is a balm-like texture and you only need a little bit to see it start working!

Feel free to use the Thigh Rescue on other parts of your body too! I think this would be a great starting point if you aren’t sure which product to try from Megababe first.

rose pits deodorant chafingRosy Pits Daily Deo

Even though my main goal was thigh chafing, I was really excited to try the Rose Dodorant. I will literally run to anything with a rose scent so when I saw this in my PR package I very happy! No Aluminum deodorant has become a requirement for me so this was easy to fit into my pit care routine. The texture of this deodorant never gave me that wet feeling so you don’t have to wait too long for it to dry after applying. It rolled on smoothly and smells amazing. * you’ll notice its not included in the goodie bag below for a reason😏 #ITSMINE

wait what goodie bag?????? (hehe keep scrolling)

chafing boob dust Bust Dust Anti-Boob Sweat Powder

I honestly don’t know what I expected when I open this, but it wasn’t this!( Just look at my face in my IG reel haha). It reminds me of baby powder but almost feels lighter. I can’t say I experience much boob chafing but I also can’t say I have though to try a product like the Bust Dust before. There are some times the nipple chafing can get brutal so I think this may be a great solution. I don’t have a proper review for this right now but I am excited to test this out! Have you tried this before? I want to know what you think of it!


megababe sustainability plastic chafing

What About Sustainability?

Megababe definitely fits the bill when it comes to their product formulation. Natural, cruelty-free, vegan, and clean. ✅

What I wish Megababe was a bit more clear on was there sustainability in regards to packaging.

As of now, there is no mention of sustainability practices and goals moving forward on their website. With no mention of this, it makes me assume that this is not something on their radar. While the packaging is cute, almost all of their products are made of plastic.

Some ways they could change their packaging would be to use recyclable paper casings for the deodorant, glass for the bigger items such as the Butt Mask, and create or connect with program where Megababe fans could send there megababe plastics after they are finished.

Obviously these are large producg changes and would take years to start implementing, but it would be great to get a view into what Megababe is doing for our future.

My advice of-course is always to take the sustainability into our own hands. Buy only what you need, use every last drop, and make sure to properly recycle, even if that means going to special drop-off spots! Our animals & planet will thank-you!

Now For The Fun Stuff!


YOU have the chance to win a FREE megababe goodie bag!!


One person will win a Megababe goodie bag worth $80 :

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Goodie bag includes:

The Geo Deo Multi-Mineral Daily Deodorant

The Smoothie Deo Fruit Enzyme Daily Deodorant

The Space Bar Underarm Charcoal Soap

The Le Tush Butt Mask

The Happy Pits Underarm Mask


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16 thoughts on “The Answer To Thigh Chafing? Maybe it’s Megababe.

  1. Ugh the worst chafing for me is Between and under my boobs in the heat of summer. Made 10x worse if a wire bra is involved!

  2. These products were what i wanted you to talk about next!
    But I’d love another update about SUPER warm winter-wear – it’s -25 here today already and i need inspiration!

  3. Summertime is always a struggle with chaffing! As a woman who’s had thick thighs *pretty much* my whole life, it’s a royal bitch! Wearing skirts, dresses, and even shorts my thighs rub and stick together so badly. luckily i’ve only ever broken out into a rash a few times!
    love you content btw!

  4. My worst chafing experience is any day i wear shorts lol but my absolute worst has to be portaging in Algonquin park for 4 days with shorts before test wearing them and basically having rashed angry thighs the entire trip

    Love my thick thighs tho! Your content helps me feel confident in myself 😍which has not always been the case for me
    Love u!