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The Bra Fitting Process with Understance.

AD Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by Understance.

Want to know your unique bra size and get the perfect style for your breast shape? Want to feel safe and comfortable while being measured? If you answered yes to either of these, keep on reading!!

For today’s blog, I am so excited to share with you my recent experience at Understance, a local Canadian bra company that is sustainable, ethical, and 100% female owned!

I know many of you busy bees are just here for the discount code ( I feel you!) so it is CHRISTINE15 for 15% off your Understance order! You can even visit Understance located at 1024 Robson St for a FREE expert bra fitting.

Bra Bah Humbug

For my dedicated followers, you KNOW how much I hate bras. But as a C/D cup, there are many times where going braless is really not feasible or professional. But the thought of putting on a bra genuinely makes my anxiety increase, as if I am going to be trapped.

In the past, most of my bras have dug into my sides, ribs, and my shoulders. Within 2 milliseconds of walking in the door after a busy day, the bra is OFF and flung to the darkest depths in my bedroom.

Padding. Wire. Straps. Clips. It all sounds horrible. All us boob owners should not have to suffer in order to feel supported.

understance vancouver store

Understance, a Canadian Bra Company.

You may not have heard of Understance yet but I have no doubt you will see them everywhere soon. Understance is fairly new as they created their company in September of 2020 with a team of 3 and the director. Essentially, they opened during a pandemic! But finally after 1.5 years as a business, they have grown to 30+ employees and have their first storefront in Vancouver!

Even though they may be new, Understance is committed to an ethical impact, fair wages, partnering with Vancouver homelessness charities, and is 100% female-led! This ticks all my boxes!

Some fun facts about Understance:

⭐️ they carry one of the largest size ranges in North America, 28-48 A-J

⭐️they focus on solution-based products that lift, relieve, and smooth without compromising style

⭐️ their factories produce 50% less wastewater than other manufacturers

⭐️ their packaging is 100% recyclable, which costs twice as much as non-recycled alternatives, but believe they need to do their part

⭐️ there is more info about their ethically made products here

⭐️ they love to hear form their customers. Have an idea for a new bra? Share with them at hello@understance.com

The FREE Expert Bra Fitting

In collaboration with Understance, they took me through their entire fitting process to give me an idea of how it works. I know how invasive it can feel to have someone measure your breasts, so I wanted to give my readers a detailed look into the experience so you know what to expect!

At Understance, the fitting process is a large part of their company values as they don’t only focus on size, but on which bra is best for your specific breast shape. Understance’s trained staff takes many factors into account when measuring and recommending different bras.

You can watch the entire fitting process HERE.

Here is a general idea of how it works:

▪️ The store associate will take you into their changerooms and asks you to undress

▪️ The most accurate measurements are taken when you are topless however you can always opt to where a thin tank top

▪️ The store associate will measure your bust, under-bust, as well as your bust as you lean over at a 45 degree angle. ( I had never seen this before!!)

▪️ The store associate will write down your measurements and give you the exact size you are in Understance Bras. They even write a few of the styles that they recommend best for your size and breast shape

▪️ Depending on your preference, the associate will take you through the store giving you wire or wireless recommendations.

▪️ It is recommended to try on about 3-4 bras to give you an idea of how they feel.

▪️ The first bra I tried on was the Soft Embrace Wireless Contour in 36 C. I can tell you, it was the SOFTEST and most comfortable bra I have ever tried on.

▪️ The second bra I tried on was the Harper Flexwire Bra in 34 D. I have never owned sexy lingerie before and this was given me very sexy vibes!

▪️ 36C and 34D are sister sizes!

▪️ Each time I tried on the bra, the associate made sure the bra fit my shape properly.

▪️ They will also ask you to do their classic “Scoop & Swoop” which is where you use your hand to bring your breast upwards and inwards to best fit into the cup.

▪️ Once the associate is sure you are happy with your choices, they will take your top picks and bring you to check out.

You can watch the entire fitting process HERE.

I ended up going for both the Soft Embrace and Harper bra because I loved how comfortable they fit me and did not dig into my skin! My experience at Understance was such a positive one and I felt really safe and cared for the whole time.

My Top Picks For Every Size:

For A-C Cup:

Cotton Heather Wireless – ON SALE!

understance bra

For B-DD Cup:

Day to Night Lift Bra

understance bra mesh canadian

For A-C Cup:

Soft Embrace Wireless Contour

understance bra

For D-G Cup:

Zoe Flexwire Bra

understance wire bra

For D- H Cup:

Harper Smith Lace Flexwire

understance bra cup sizes

For C- G Cup:

Simone Flexwire Bra

understance cup sizes bra

For G/H/I+ Cup:

Amber Smooth Lace Wireless Bra

lace wireless bra

Key  Takeaways

⭐️ Bra shopping is stressful as is. Make sure the experience is a good one by going to a store you trust!  Bra’s are also often pricey, so make sure the bra actually fits and is something you will wear consistently. There are so many times where I was convinced a bra fit me and then I never wore it again.

⭐️ For bras you no longer wear, donate them to a nearby women shelter :).

⭐️ Look into a bra company that aligns with your values. I love to see what brand’s are doing for the future and so I asked the Understance team the question below:

What is Understance’s sustainability story and goals for the next 5-10 years?

We want to develop products for people in the LGBTQIA+ community (gender-affirming underwear, chest binders) , as well as nursing bras. (Mastectomy bras are already in the works!)

Our concrete goal for the next 5-10 years is simply to create plenty of options for people in every size and life stage. We have stopped at J cup for now because of the limit of our technical expertise. But once we figure it out, we see no reason not to continue to expand.

I hope this review was helpful and your bra shopping experience becomes more fun! Make sure to use  my code CHRISTINE15 when shopping at Understance to give you 15% OFF!
Don’t forget to visit Understance located at 1024 Robson St for a FREE expert bra fitting!

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