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The Answer To Thigh Chaffing? The Thigh Saver Short.

My Battle with Chaffing

chaffing knix haul

Over the past few weeks, I have been reaching out to different brands that create solutions for chaffing. I really wanted to do an honest review for you of these products, as well as for my own reasons. Chaffing is a constant part of my life. My thick thighs touch and will always touch and I want to be able to continue on with my life without having to worry about the pain that comes with it.

Chaffing is repetitive painful skin-on-skin friction that results in rashes, raised bumps, stinging, itching, and burning sensations. It can become so painful that even just walking is difficult. The areas that are most at risk are the inner thighs, butt, under-bust, armpits, and nipples.

Whenever I am getting ready to go out for the day, I will always consider whether an outfit will risk my thighs chaffing. As a result, all my dresses, skirts, shorts never see the light of day as I turn to loose, comfortable & often very casual clothing to keep me protected.

I am ALL about comfort and most days I am perfectly fine with this, but there are events where I do really want to dress up and wear my cute pieces. Yet, I know I will maybe last about 30 mins.

One year for my birthday, I was in Toronto and I decided to wear a dress to celebrate. I kid you not, maybe 15 fifteen minutes walking around downtown, I was in so much pain. The skin on my thighs HURT. So I rushed over to Eaton Centre Mall and bought a pair of pants and a top to switch in to.  Not only was I in pain but I also had to spend money I hadn’t planned on spending.

**Hint hint make sure to read until the end for a surprise!💯🎁   

Chaffing Solutions by Knix

images by knix.com

This week I am focussing on the Thigh Saver Short designed by the well-known company Knix.

Knix is an amazing brand that focusses on functional products for women of all sizes snd accommodates for the days when we are on our period. Although similar to Spanx and the newly launched Skims, Knix specializes in comfortable compression. It helps that Knix is also Canadian-based. 😉

I wanted to give my honest review on the Thigh Saver Shorts, as in the past, I have struggled to find some that 1) Do not dig into my waist & thighs &  2) are long enough to cover both the groin and thigh area.

They also gifted me a couple other products to try so I will share the results of those too 🙂

Below I will be reviewing the:

  • Thigh Saver Shorts
  • High Rise Shaper Short
  • The Revolution Bralette

Thigh Saver Shorts

chaffing thigh saver shorts knixchaffing thigh saver shorts knix

Knix gifted me the Thigh Saver Short in Warm Sand and Black.

In putting on the Warm Sand Thigh Saver Short I instantly knew they were too short for me. I could tell because when I walked, the areas above my knees were still rubbing against each other. BUT then I discovered that in fact this short was the 4″ version and the shorts in black were 6″!  The 6″ Thigh Saver Short length ended up being perfect! The 4″ however would work better for mini-skirts and dresses as the 6″ might be a bit too long for those!

thigh saver short black beige shapewear knix

What I really like about these shorts is that nowhere do they feel like they are digging in. My stomach is held supportively but not to the point where it hurts to sit. The compression around my thighs feels firm but flexible.

I also love that you can wear these shorts without underwear, as it features a Carbon Cotton Gusset with anti-odor properties. This means the Thigh Saver Shorts are truly seamless and will be hard to see under slim-fit clothing.

thigh saver short chaffing gussetthigh saver short chaffing gusset

Knowing now that I have these shorts at my disposal, I think wearing dresses and skirts will become a bigger thing for me! I also am super ungraceful and tend to forget I am wearing a skirt, so this will keep me from flashing people by mistake.

Although these shorts are great for thigh chaffing, it would be hard to incorporate them in other activities such as when wearing a swimsuit at the beach or wearing low cut dresses.

Both the Thigh Saver 4″ and 6″ retails for $39.00 or get 3 for $99! I wear a size Large.

Read until the end for a surprise!💯🎁   

High Rise Shaper Short

high thigh saver short chaffing knixhigh thigh saver short chaffing knix

I was also gifted the High Rise Shaper Short in colour Warm Sand as another option for chaffing. These shorts are more of your standard compression shorts and cover not only the thigh area, but go all the way to your ribcage, essentially meeting the bottom of your bra. These shorts are meant to smooth your waist & stomach, lift & define your bum, and enhance your natural shape.

To be perfectly honest, I am not a shape-wear girl. My anxiety can’t even handled wearing turtlenecks, let alone compression shorts. But just for you, I wanted to give these shorts a chance so that you can make an educated decision before purchasing.

At first I thought there was NO WAY I was getting these shorts over my bum. Just looking at them made me think I had the wrong size. But after a bit of shimmying and dancing, I got these bad boys all the way up. Not being used to compression, I instantly wanted to take it off. But as I was taking pictures in them, I slowly got more comfortable to the point where I was more focussed on my work than the shorts. I ended up wearing them for about 30 mins to see how they would feel.

high thigh saver short chaffing knix

During the entire time I was wearing the High Rise Shaper Short, I never felt anything digging in or cutting off circulation. It was actually quite supportive. I don’t if I could see myself lasting in these for hours but you never know!

My friend did get these shorts to wear to a wedding and said that she looked wider than when not wearing them and ended up taking them off. So I believe the best thing to do is try them on and see if it works for you and the outfits you intend to wear with it. Knix has a great return/exchange policy for their shape-wear.

knix shapwearknix shapewear

The High Rise Shaper Short retails for $68 CAD and comes in 6 different colours. My shorts are size L and are in the colour Warm Sand. 

The Revolution Bra(lette)

revolution bralette knixrevolution bralette knix

Now I said I am not a shape-wear girl but I am also NOT a bra girl. What am I doing reviewing Knix then? Good question. But I was intrigued because Bralettes are definitely my thing. It is not to say I have small boobs. I am a D cup and support is helpful, but since covid, I haven’t found myself reaching for a real bra since.

The Revolution Bralette was created for those who love the comfort of a bralette but need the support of a bra. Featuring 3D Wireless Support (no digging in), buttery soft fabric, adjustable straps, and removable cups, the Revolution Bralette is oozes the word comfort. But is too good to be true?

revolution bralette knix chaffingrevolution bralette knix chaffing

Like I said, I am not a bra girl. So similarly to the High Rise Saver Shorts, as I first put this bra on I was uncomfortable. It felt tight around my under-bust and I felt trapped. But again, as I went to take pictures, I found myself wearing the bra for a good hour and felt totally fine. I can actually see myself wearing this bra for my 6-8 hour shifts and not having to worry about being pointy when it’s cold (which my other bralettes aren’t great for).

This bra also features 5 back clasps to help tailor the bra to your body as you continue to wear it.

The Revolution Bralette retails for $72 CAD, goes up to an H-Cup, and comes in 12 different colours. I am size Medium.

Thanks for making it to the end! I said there would be a surprise and gosh is there ever!


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  3. I have and love the high rise shaper short ive been dying for a second pair. Love the CONFIDENCE they give me when i go out.
    That REVOLUTION bra is a must, would love to try it😍